Get Out of My Country!


Well done my fellow Republican! You have won a major philosophical victory over your opponents the Democrats. You have created Illegal Immigration (a black market) in this country, and you should be very proud of it! Don’t let anyone, especially the Democrats, steal that from you. You are a Capitalist. You have created a prosperous market economy, the envy of the world, for which people are dying to come to this country.

And many come illegally; they pour over the borders; they even risk their lives in doing so. Why? For opportunity, to fill those jobs the market created, to pick grapes in California, to build houses in Texas, to wash the dishes at the local restaurant.

You did not build a politician driven market where they choose the number of immigrants needed for your business. You did not build a LEFTIST driven market where they entice immigrants to come for FREE BENEFITS, paid from YOUR pocket!

You know economics 101. The politicians and leftists manipulate the market believing they know best. And for what? To get more votes on election day! You know without a doubt, that when the consumer is sovereign and the politicians and leftist stay out, the individual will win. Every person regardless of where they are born!

What is odd is that although you have won a major victory lifting masses out of poverty and bringing opportunity to many, you seem to be just throwing it all away? You allow the Left to claim they are fighting for the rights of the immigrant and the poor. Once the immigrant is here, you allow the left to convince them to vote for the same broken system that they fled: Socialism. That is a tragedy. These immigrants would not even be here if it wasn’t for you! You built it, not the Left, not the Politicians. Does the immigrant know this? Do they know what made this country great? Do they know what YOU did for them? No, because you don’t tell them! What DO you tell them? GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY!

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Degree in Management Information System. Ruth is a technologist and artist who loves her freedom. Born in Argentina and immigrated to the U.S. with a student visa, Ruth has made the most of her new country's opportunities. Free Enterprise all the way!