Originally from Argentina, Ruth Armfield is an artist with a degree in Management Information Systems.  She and the hubby built two successful healthcare technology companies and raised five boys and one dog. She adds a unique flavor to the world of politics, loves freedom and isn’t afraid to share her politically incorrect animated opinion. Ruth is available for interviews by contacting her email below. Oh, and she is fluent in English and Spanish.

Ruth is currently serving as VP of Denton County Republican Assembly.

Topics of Interest:

  • Making fun of leftist
  • Everything political especially with Latinos
  • Capitalism and the Free Enterprise System
  • Classic Liberalism
  • Immigration
  • DACA
  • RAISE Act
  • South and Central America
  • Argentina
  • Technology
  • Tango & Country Dancing
  • Exercising, Marathons, Canoeing, Outdoor Anything

Contact Details

Latino Liberator
2274 Rockbrook Road
Lewisville TX, 75057


Email: ruth@latinoliberator.com

About us

Latino Liberator publishes media material about conservatism, capitalism, free enterprise system and how all these ideas help improve the lives of Latinos around the world.


Capitalism is the Boogeyman

  Jacinda Arden the New Zealand Prime Minister calls capitalism a "blatant failure" because of the homeless and poor. Really? Are Open Markets the reason for...
Well, since everything negative has, for decades and decades, been described as 'capitalism,' I propose we use another term. Which one? 'Business economy,' 'market economy,' or 'free economy.'