Made for Spiritual and Physical Freedom


Who ARE you, “Latino Liberator”?! Who do you think you are?! Simple: I’m full blooded Latino from Argentina, and… I love freedom. Jesus, my Savior, who is The Only I bow down to, frees me from bondage. He provides spiritual freedom to whoever will believe in Him. (that sentence ended with a period!)

I believe He created us with an innate need to be free. That is just part of who we are. It is not only spiritual freedom we seek but also physical freedom. Our potential for goodness magnifies itself when we can experience spiritual freedom and are immersed in a totally free society.

Some believe that Jesus commanded to turn the other cheek when someone is physically abusing us (Luke 6:29). They believe based on the scripture, one cannot protect one’s own body or property. Wrong! Just look at how Jesus rebuked corruption from His Father’s house. He was no wimp. He protected those who He loved.

Turn the other cheek is about overcoming those in power. About tearing down the status quo that suppresses our freedom. Martin Luther King knew that turning the other cheek against an unjust system would bring the most good. He knew violence, the easiest path for those of little faith, gives short-lived victories but ultimate ruin. Jesus’ way manifests itself throughout humanity by small steps towards freedom of the individual. Nevertheless, there are also steps back like the Communist Manifesto, refuted by giant steps forward like the Magna Carta.

Some people can only handle short doses of gradual freedom.  They need “something” to guide them. Some level of government, someone over them, like a perpetual parent figure protecting them. Yet I believe humanity is advancing towards freedom like never before, and nowadays people crave freedom in its purest form… with absolute power resting in the individual.

I am the Latino Liberator!

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