Go #@&! Yourself


Freedom! It’s hard to find these days, especially with socialists who kill liberty like Hillary, and The Bern! These socialists, who consider themselves “gifts” to humanity, which will save us from ourselves, believing they are gods on earth forming our society into “their” image! WTF? That’s Argentinean for: “Wow… That’s Fantastic”! I left a socialist country back in Argentina, and socialism stinks! So, take your enlightened, estúpidas regulations and leave us alone! We, the people, have inalienable rights and we WILL keep them!

If you, do-gooder socialists, who believe to be above humanity, want to pursue happiness then I have a solution for you: Go and expatriate yourselves! Expatriate? Let me explain, Thomas Jefferson said: People have the right, given to all men, to EXPATRIATE, meaning depart from the land where we are born by “chance” and by “choice,” move to another land in the pursuit of happiness. So, Bernie! Did you hear that? You, socialists, can finally find happiness! SOMEWHERE ELSE! Go expatriate yourselves and get out of America which you so severely dislike and find some other people anywhere else to experiment your socialist’s ideas. America is not built for that! Who knows Bernie, maybe VENEZUELA, the place of your fantasies, will take you!

But don’t you dare try changing my America, the land of the free! The land where the individual can pursue happiness and is blessed with opportunity! We, THE PEOPLE love America the way our Founding Fathers intended America to be, and we are not changing it, so if you don’t like it…just go expatriate yourself!

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