Capitalism is the Boogeyman

We are Made to Trade.



Jacinda Arden the New Zealand Prime Minister calls capitalism a “blatant failure” because of the homeless and poor.

Really? Are Open Markets the reason for homeless and hungry children? It’s like crazy people going out to a beehive and yelling at the worker bees to stop producing honey because it’s making other bees homeless and starving their new queeny babies!

We are made to trade! It is the fairest system bringing justice to the most people. We trade food, music, paintings, clothing, ideas, and everything! These so-called intellectual, powerful dweebs keep making “capitalism” the boogeyman. Even one of the Popes agrees with me. He thinks because of leaders like Prime Minister Arden we have to find a new name for capitalism.

John Pope II says, “Well, since everything negative has, for decades and decades, been described as ‘capitalism,’ I propose we use another term. Which one? ‘Business economy,’ ‘market economy,’ or ‘free economy.'”

I refuse!  Let’s stop our leaders from misapplying capitalism and using it as the boogeyman for all their socialist problems (homeless and poor people). That goes for Republican and Democrats since they both do not quite understand the Free Enterprise System. They need some education not taught in public schools.

New Zealand can now join Venezuela as one of the dumbest countries on the planet. I wish them luck on socialism and may Bernie Sanders find a new home amongst them.

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