America, the land of the double standards, and the home of the Elites!


America, the land of the double standards, and the home of the Elites! Surprised? You shouldn’t be! We are all to blame!

Human nature is greedy, always looking to fulfill our pleasure on account of others. Our particular interest comes first! Why do we send politicians to Washington? Do you believe that politicians are made of a different material than the rest of humanity?
But politicians, nowadays, are not the only ones with the power to rule over us. Hollywood. Yes, our Stars who we SO admire drive our morality, from women’s rights, gun control, sexuality, child rearing, and religion, to influencing our politicians. Of course! They are “special stardust” or gods themselves! Kim Kardashian even feels compelled to tell us how to live our lives! Oh… how cute!

Was Weinstein such a surprise? Really? Did you think that these Stars, just like our Politicians, abide under the same force of the laws as we do? Their sins are only exposed when the crimes are so severe and are no longer containable. The Left will allow their class to get away with the crimes unless they start to make them look bad. Why do you think it took thirty years to expose Harvey Weinstein: He was useful to the Left, his money too tempting. Another way to say it is the end justified their means.

We, the People, on the other hand, are held to the full force of the law. No cover up for us! We are the useful idiots! Who empowers the politicians? Who watches the movies that make those elites into stars?

Do you want America to be the land of the free and the home of the brave, or are you just going to act “surprised” by the evilness of Hollywood and go back to your couch and continue supporting the Elites’ Leftist agenda?

Oh! How awful!

Okay, let’s watch a movie! (just kidding)

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